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Supporting Maine Musicians that perform Blues, Roots, Swamp Rock, Funk, Jazz, Americana, Bluegrass & Rockabilly.

Musicians & Venues please send Gigs by Tuesday for inclusion.



Maine has a wonderful and diverse music scene. It becomes challenging, however, to fill venues on a regular basis, especially when you get outside of Portland. This is one of the reasons I only support Maine musicians because I feel very strongly that they need somebody in their corner to spread the word. As my home page states, only Maine musicians that perform Blues, Roots, Swamp Rock, Funk, Jazz, Americana, Bluegrass & Rockabilly are supported on this website. National acts who collaborate with Maine musicians and former Mainers who perform in Maine are also supported. Though it is a challenge, I believe it is a win-win situation when national acts work with the local scene. We should all strive for this collaboration. Maintaining this really keeps me quite busy enough and offers folks a bit of variety to choose from. If you have not experienced local live music, I have to say there is nothing quite like it. The stage and musicians are just a few feet away from you unlike larger venues that usually feature national acts. The talent in Maine is simply amazing and will absolutely astound you. Do you, your friends and family a huge favor and get out there to support Maine musicians. 

Thank you, Bruce Herrick (a photographer friend), many musicians and friends for inspiring me to support this wonderful local music scene. 

Many thanks to Dave Chasse and his team with Gold Bridge Partners, Inc. for their time, expertise, and patience in making this website possible.

 Feel free to contact me anytime.